Many of you know we have new Pop-Up Store in Ibiza, in  De la Virgen No. 56 Street. Fascinated with the island, which is one of our roots both its fashion trends as their traditional markets, as related to our inception, artisanal tissues, trades with love and patience; we want to make a very brief selection from the many beach dotted along its coastline, it is so small that if we had to choose the best, we would be almost impossible, sure, the coast of Ibiza is a natural luxury that we value as such, care and respect to enjoy eternally.

There are all kinds of easy and difficult to access, with or without car parkings, bars or hammocks, but we are sure that all of them have a magical charm, a peculiarity that makes it special …

ibiza 01Cala Albarca is a rocky cove: difficult to access, which is about three kilometers from Sant Mateu d'Albarca -Sant Antoni-. The parking is for 15 vehicles and access, there is a path with steep without enabling is not recommended if you go with children or less agile people. It measures 20 m long and 6 m wide. It is recommended to wear confortable shoes to go down the slope and even for swimming. It is a highly recommended place but conciénciate walking for about 25 minutes.

>Bring food and drink for your stay at the beach!

ibiza 02Cala Olivera: is a cove of sand and rocks located 7 km from Ibiza same. It is quiet and pretty -near a golf-. To access areas are no qualified rock stairs. Its length is 60 m long and 10 meters wide. The sand area is small but there are other areas frequented by nudists bathing interesting because of its discretion. You can go as is and sustenance at the Snack Creek.

ibiza 03One of the most picturesque, is a beautiful bay with fishermen's huts on both sides, located 5 km from Sant Carles de Peralta. Near the cove is Campanitx Tower or Torre d'en Valls, 1763, the cove is Canal d'en Marti Pou d'es Lleó or something greater, about 170 m long and 30 wide. There is a central beach on whose side there is fishermen's cottages that are also used by bathers.

ibiza 04

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